Pass Dynamic values into tSOAP Message

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Pass Dynamic values into tSOAP Message

I am using BD5.6.1
i am using the tSOAP component and if i use the blow flow it works fine.
tsoap --> LogRow
I can paste the SOAP Request message into SOAP Message section of the tsoap node and it works fine..
But now i want to read the excel file and dynamically pass the value to  SOAP Message of tSOAP component how this can be done?
Sample SOAP Message i need to pass.
"<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv=\"http://schemas.xml\" xmlns:urn=\"urn:HPD_Inc_Create_WS\">
<urn:Assigned_Group>   </urn:Assigned_Group>
<urn:Assigned_Support_Company>    </urn:Assigned_Support_Company>
<urn:Assigned_Support_Organization>    </urn:Assigned_Support_Organization>
<urn:Assignee>   </urn:Assignee>
<urn:First_Name>   </urn:First_Name>
<urn:Impact>  </urn:Impact>
<urn:Last_Name>  </urn:Last_Name>
<urn:Reported_Source>  </urn:Reported_Source>

So here i the all the
 values are in the file . I need to read these value from excel file and construct the soap message and then send it to tSOAP Component.

Any help is really appreciated.
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Re: Pass Dynamic values into tSOAP Message

You can read the values from any a data source and pass it tSOAP component, and call the SOAP webservice line by line. eg:
on tSOAP, define the SOAP message to use a dynamic value passed from tFileInputExcel like this:

//First_name is one of the column defined on tFileInputExcel, this column read the FirstName value from excel file.
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Re: Pass Dynamic values into tSOAP Message

Hi Shong,

I have a same difficulty. I tried to reproduce what you recommand tFileInputExcel--main(row1)--tFlowToIterate--iterate--tSOAP--main--tLogRow But it not work
For check i tried to do this  tFileInputExcel--main(row1)--tFlowToIterate--iterate-tjava

The column is search_id

System.out.println("TestValue is: "+(String)globalMap.get("row1.search_id"));


Can you please help me?