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Parsing a nested json (json within a json) using tExtractJSONFields

Hi all,


I've done a bit of searching and I haven't found a post yet that addresses this scenario. I'm trying to use the tExtractJSONFields component to parse JSON that looks something like this:


"CardId": "123456789",
"NestedJSON": "{"transactionNetTotal":107.88,"shippingAndHandling":0.0,"transactionTotalTax":0.0,"transactionNumber":0,"currencyCode":"USD"}"


So basically, I have a JSON within a JSON.  I've tried using tExtractJSONFields with both JsonPath and XPath, but the only way I can get it to work is if I escape out the double quotes in the nested JSON.  Unfortunately, it doesn't look like the service upstream of my job will be able to generate the JSON this way, so I'm stuck trying to parse the nested JSON without the double quotes escaped.


Does anybody have any experience with this and know of a way (using stock Talend components) that I can parse the JSON above?  My team tries to avoid using external java libraries and raw code as much as we can, but I'm starting to think that might be my only option.  



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