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Parse date from globalMap

I am using a sql query with parameters. I am getting those parameters with the component tMsgBox as a globalvar. 
This is a part from the query with mssqlinput: > TalendDate.formatDate("dd-MM-yyyy", (String)globalMap.get("tMsgBox_2_RESULT"))  and < '30-11-2015' and cli.razon like '"+(String)globalMap.get("tMsgBox_1_RESULT")+"%'

On the blue code, I can compare the parameter from the tmsgbox without problem because it's a string, but when I want to input a date with the format "dd-mm-yyyy" talend is giving me an error all the time. I just want to convert that string to a date, in order to compare this on the sql.
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Re: Parse date from globalMap

Think of SQL query as a String. So, you don't have to convert tMsgBox_2_Result to a Date, just compose the String as if you've type it by yourself:
" > '" + (String)globalMap.get("tMsgBox_2_RESULT") + 
"' and < '30-11-2015' and cli.razon like '" +
(String)globalMap.get("tMsgBox_2_RESULT") + "%'"

Hope this helps,
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Re: Parse date from globalMap

Helps a lot. Thank you.