Parse Error with tAggregateRow

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Parse Error with tAggregateRow

I try to make an simple aggregation, but when I want to run the job, I've got this error
Exception in thread "main" java.lang.Error: Unresolved compilation problems:
Syntax error on token "null", invalid Wildcard
Syntax error on token "null", invalid Wildcard
Syntax error on token "null", ? expected
Syntax error, insert "AssignmentOperator Expression" to complete Assignment
Syntax error, insert ";" to complete BlockStatements
at formation.copy_of_test_eca.Copy_of_Test_eca.tOracleInput_1Process(
at formation.copy_of_test_eca.Copy_of_Test_eca.runJobInTOS(
at formation.copy_of_test_eca.Copy_of_Test_eca.main(
Job Copy_of_Test_eca ended at 10:36 16/05/2008.

The code generate is really false, like that :
java.util.Map<null, OperationStructtAggregateRow_1_AGGOUT> hash_ORDER_ID_tAggregateRow_1_AGGOUT = new java.util.HashMap<null, OperationStructtAggregateRow_1_AGGOUT>();
OperationStructtAggregateRow_1_AGGOUT operation_result_tAggregateRow_1_AGGOUT = null;

I try many tests, but I can't understand the problem. I think that's me because I didn't find any case in the forum .... Smiley Sad
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Re: Parse Error with tAggregateRow

I found the solution !
The problem is the type of the variable used in the group by clause.
I've changed the type from BigDecimal to Long and that's work.
BigDecimal is the default type for the number columns in Oracle even if there is no precision ...