Parquet Components

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Parquet Components

Hi All,


I have requirement where i need to use Parquet Component, but i can see that parquet can be used in Big data batch , is there any way were i can use these components in standard jobs ?


or are there any other components which can replace Parquet components?




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Re: Parquet Components

You can create a hive table with parquet serde on the location that is required and insert data from the hive table of the previous file.

Hive tmp table(any file format) to Hive table (parquet file format) this is one thing i could think of ?


Can you explain your use case ?

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Re: Parquet Components

Thanks rvtj for your reply.

My use case is that we are just using parquet component to store in blob. As parquet files are the most compressed files.

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Re: Parquet Components

@lmit,Parquet Components only be available if you create a Big Data Batch job in licensed Talend Bigdata.

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Re: Parquet Components


Please feel free to vote for this new feature jira issue:

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