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Output path for tNeo4jOutput

I tried importing data from csv to neo4j using talend. Data is imported perfectly but I want to know the destination path of neo4j where talend has landed the data. (e.g. /data/graph.db, etc..) So that I can give that neo4j path to my java application and will be able to get access to the data through java.

Re: Output path for tNeo4jOutput

Please see the online component reference tNeo4jOutput and tNeo4jConnection, you can set it by yourself.
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Re: Output path for tNeo4jOutput

I already went through the online topic.
Actully I don't want to change the default path. My requirement is I want to see the path where talend pushes data.
For me -
tNeo4jConnection : I have selected use a remote server. Server URL is - "http://localhost:7474/db/data"
and for
tNeo4jOutput and tNeo4jOutputRelationship : I am selecting use existing connection. So where is the setting for output data path?
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Re: Output path for tNeo4jOutput

Hi Saurabh,
If I understand you clearly this is what you need to do. Excuse me if my understanding is wrong Smiley Very Happy.
You should keep the "remote server" option unchecked and provide some local directory location you like in the output component of the neo4j. When you execute your job, the directory will be created and will the data also be loaded into the directory.

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