Output CSV file in UTF-16 Little Endian

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Output CSV file in UTF-16 Little Endian

Hi there,
I'm required to output a csv file from a Talend ETL process in UTF-16 Little Endian. It seems that for the tFileOutputDelimited component when I enter "UTF-16" under advanced settings for customer encoding it only outputs a Big Endian csv file which gets rejected by another ETL pipeline (unless it's in Little Endian).
How can I output a CSV file in UTF-16 Little Endian in the customer encoding part of the tFileOutputDelimited component?
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Re: Output CSV file in UTF-16 Little Endian

It is not implemented yet. Nevertheless it is possible be creating you own output row. You have to rely heavily in Java.
I have found solutions in stackoveflow and you should be able to adapt than in Talend. 

Re: Output CSV file in UTF-16 Little Endian

Feel free to create a new feature issue on Talend Bug Tracker for your requirment.

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