OutOfMemoryError:GC overhead limit exceeded

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OutOfMemoryError:GC overhead limit exceeded

Lets say i have two hdfs files A and B. File A with 40 columns. I am generating 10 million data for file A. While generating data for file B, i need to take random records from file A (like 7 or 8 columns only primary key - foreign key relationship). As i am giving 10 million data as lookup, i am getting GC overhead issue. I have 8GB RAM and i have given XMX till 8096. I tried with 4096 as well.

Please give a solution to solve this issue / an alternate method to take random records.

As i am generating data dynamically, i think breaking the files in to small files and fetching random records is not possible. Please clarify.

I have used a temporary location also for tmap and increased buffer size too. But i couldn't find whether its working. Please let me know if there is a way to check whether temp data is getting stored in this location and there is a effect in increasing buffer size.

Re: OutOfMemoryError:GC overhead limit exceeded



    When the lookup size is more, you will have to use Store temp data in disk option in tMap. The details can be referred from below link.




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Nikhil Thampi

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Re: OutOfMemoryError:GC overhead limit exceeded

Hi Nikhil,

Thank you for your suggestion. But as i have said already i used temporary location already for storing temp data. Still I get memory issue. XMX size of 8096 is not enough for this lookup but i cannot give higher xmx either.

When i store temp data on disk, i am getting error message in my desktop too (Saying something like- " an application is using lot of space,close the program?")
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Re: OutOfMemoryError:GC overhead limit exceeded

@lbhavya345 ,you need to split the data and do the required operations otherwise need to increase the RAM size and do the process

Manohar B
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