Out of memory Eclipse

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Out of memory Eclipse

Hi there,


So I am currently running TOS 6.4.1 with JDK 8 and I struggle to open a 23 210 ko Excel File in my job.


I get the following message when I try to open the xls file:


Internal Error: An out of memory error has occurred. Consult the "Running Eclipse" section of the read me file information on preventing this kind of error in the future.

The thing is that I can't find this read me file... I'd like to apologize for asking those kind of questions but I am a complete beginner with Java, TOS and computer development.


Also, I think that maybe my JVM settings are responsible of the issue. They are the one displayed in the first screenshot (I've also written the same informations into the .ini file that you can see in the second picture).

My computer uses Windows 7 Pro, and runs 32GB DDR3 RAM.


Do you know where is my mistake and what should I set to my JVM to be able to open my Excel file?






 JVM settings.PNGJVM settings in TOSJVM ini file settings.PNGJVM ini file location in TOS 6.4.1 install folder

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Re: Out of memory Eclipse

There are two ways of loading an Excel files
- Memory consuming, which might be the cause of the error
- ... normal ... (cant remember the option name)
The two options are a setting in the tFileInputExcel advanced settings.
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Re: Out of memory Eclipse

Hi Djike,


Thank you for your answer.

Can you detail a bit more how can I use the second option to load Excel Files in my TOS job please?


Thank you,



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Re: Out of memory Eclipse

Take a closer look on the documentation of this component:

Available when Read excel2007 file format (xlsx) is selected in the Basic settings view. Select the mode used to read the Excel 2007 file.
- Less memory consumed for large excel(Event mode): used for large file. This is a memory-saving mode to read the Excel 2007 file as a flow. With this mode selected, the data will be extracted with the format symbol, for example, the percent symbol % and the currency symbol $.
- Memory-consuming (User mode): used for small file. It needs much memory. With this mode selected, the pure data without the format symbol will be extracted.
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Re: Out of memory Eclipse

Your solution worked great for me until step 3/4.

It allowed me to load the Excel File, but now I'm stuck in step 3 because my computer can't detect the scheme of the data file.

Any idea why? The JVM is not set correctly?

(If, by the way, you could explain or show me a link about the meaning of each line in the JVM setting panel, it would be great).


Thank you very much,




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