Oracle to MongoDB is removing one day from dates

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Oracle to MongoDB is removing one day from dates

I am actually using the mongDB API via a tLibraryLoad component, as I find this easier to build complex multi-level documents using tJavaRow and tJava components, than using the MongoDB palette components.
I am reading in data from Oracle which are date values with a zero time stamp component:
29-JUN-08 00.00.00

The records in mongo shell appear to be the previous day.  You can see the record is inserted as the 28-JUN-2008.

 "status_date" : ISODate("2008-06-28T23:00:00Z")

It is almost as if mongoDB sees a midnight date as the end of the previous day, rather than the start of the 29th June 2008.
In my schema I have specified the Oracle columns as Date and DB Type of Date.
I expect this is related to UTC.  However I am not sure where the UTC offset is being introduced.  I am running the job locally on my PC which is UTC+00 (UK).  In Oracle I am storing the date as a "date" and not a "timezone with timestamp" so am not even storing the timezone in the database.  
All I want is the stored date to be captured in mongoDB as captured in Oracle....
Any advice appreciated.

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Re: Oracle to MongoDB is removing one day from dates

Hi Stephen,
Could you please also indicate the build version you are using?
Best regards
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Re: Oracle to MongoDB is removing one day from dates

Is this what you require?
I believe this is to do with Daylight Saving Time.   MongoDB is looking at the raw time from Oracle, and then adjusting due to DST for some reason....If I change my locale settings in Windows to US, then the changes to the dates adjust as to when they kick in - in accordance with DST in the US.
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Re: Oracle to MongoDB is removing one day from dates

Any update or answers here?

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