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Oracle Insert Using tOracleRow

Team, I'm using the below insert query to insert data into a table. But I'm getting syntax error not sure what I'm missing here, "insert into employee (emp_id,dept_id,emp_nm,emp_address,insert_date) values(@EMP_ID,(select max(dept_id) + 1 as dept_id from department),@EMP_NM,NULL,to_char(sysdate(),”DD-MM-YYYY”))” Getting error as “tOraclerow - ORA-00936 missing expression” Please help on this issue.
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Re: Oracle Insert Using tOracleRow

Protection double quotes (") by "\" in the request.
Where defined the @variables?

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Re: Oracle Insert Using tOracleRow

Can you be more elaborate ? Basically i'm getting the columns in the flow till the tOracelrow component, I need to know what is the coding or procedure on how to access the same in the query written inside the tOraclerow component?