Open source SAP components

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Open source SAP components

Dear Community, 


I recently downloaded and installed the components tSAPInput and tSAPOutput from Talend Exchange.

Now I can't seem to find any documentation of how to use these components. Can somebody point me to this documentation if there is any?


Thank you. 


Kind regards



Re: Open source SAP components



     All the Talend Standard components for SAP can be referred from below link. Unfortunately the documentation for custom components are maintained by the authors of those components. So I would recommend to contact the author of the component to get more details.


Warm Regards,
Nikhil Thampi

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Re: Open source SAP components



Thank you for the info, 

But these custom components are actually published by Talend itself. And these components are not covered in the link you send me.


Please refer to the component on Talend exchange to view the author.


I found that these component where originally in the Open source version of Talend, but where moved to Exchange sins SAP components where moved to the enterprise edition.





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Re: Open source SAP components

Hi Jens


You're right, Talend published itself the tSAPInput and Output as custom components on, back in 2015 to allow SAP users to benefit from them before more dedicated SAP connectors were distributed in the Studio (on subscription). Those were basically the beta versions of the future SAP components shared by @nikhilthampi

At that time, we may have published some documentation, which unfortunately were decommissioned after all studio versions compatible with these two components went EOL. It seems the last compatible Studio version for these components was v5.6 (and not 6.0 as wrongly mentioned by website) which is no longer supported.

This is why you still find the custom components on Exchange but no documentation. 

I'm not really sure whether these components are still usable with the most recent version of the Studio. I would be quite surprised. 


I couldn't attach here the last pdf version of Component Reference Guide which references tSAPInput and Output (v5.6.2) because it's over the attachment size limit, but I will put it in

However the wizard shown on the examples will not be available along with tSAPInput/output. So it may be difficult to make use of this documentation. 


I must admit Exchange is misleading and I will investigate whether the tSAPInput and Output should be decommissioned from Exchange. 









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Re: Open source SAP components

I attached the pdf to tSAPInput component on (as artifact, so click on Download tSAPInput and you'll access the pdf from the Downloads tab)


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