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Open Studio for Data Integration version compatibility

I developed several ETL jobs using Talend Open Studio version 6.1.1, which was the free version available for download when  I initially started working with Talend. After finishing development, I handed the ETL jobs off for testing; however, I was informed that the client is unable to import the jobs I created because they are on version 5.6.2. Is there any way they can import the jobs without having to rewrite the jobs in an earlier version or without the client upgrading their Talend environment?

Re: Open Studio for Data Integration version compatibility

you're best option is to generate the JobScript to try to move the jobs back to 5.6 by copy-pasting the script to the older studio. Likely you'll still run into some issues/incompatibility but you'll likely be able to save the "meat" of the jobs and only need to tweak here and there to get 'em running in 5.6