OR operator across joins

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OR operator across joins

My query is something like this:-
I need to perform this join only if any of the a,b,c,d values are NULL in table t1.
And if they are null , i do a lookup for them in table t2.
Select a,b,c,d from table t1,table t2 where t1.a=t2.a OR t1.b=t2.b AND t1.c=t2.c OR t1.d=t2.d.
I perform this query using a tMap .
How can i do this in my expression builder. Is it possible to have OR operator across joins being made for various columns?
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Re: OR operator across joins

How can i do this in my expression builder. Is it possible to have OR operator across joins being made for various columns?

In expression builder of tMap, try '||' for or operator, '&&' for and operator. for example:

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Re: OR operator across joins

Thanks Shong ....
The table t2 , which is being used to do a lookup just in case any value in table t1 is null.
Now this table t2 has some 8 millions rows. Talend first reads the entire table t2 ??? Which takes a lot of time.
I just want a lookup to happen , if after reading table t1 , it finds that any of the value is null(This condition is specified in the expression builder or row1).
Then , A join is being made between these two tables as suggested by you (in the expression builder of row2 (table t2))
And if a join is being made, the output table (say op1) has all the fields of row1 mapped to it , except fields a,b,c,d (any of which might be null , which invokes this join)
If none of the fields of table t1 is null, i don want any join to happen ....
here is how my job looks like:
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Re: OR operator across joins

Hi aviator,
hard to understand (for me). Can you please give a example (with data) and a screen shot of your tMap component.
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Re: OR operator across joins

Have attached my job and tmap .. however these images may be wrong, So please go through the pains of reading some explanation of what i wish to do . Thanks a ton for your help!

1. Read from t1 continously and aggregate data further.
However : If any field values from t1 is null , do a lookup from table t2 .
Where should i check if any of the values of columns coming from t1 are null .... As per the tmap shown , i did it in expression builder of row1.
Now , if any of values of t1 are null , i use my tmap to do lookup for those fields based on : (row1.trackAolId==row3.track_aol_id) or(row1. trackTitle==row3.track_title)) And ((row1.albumAolId==row3.album_aol_id)||(row1.albumTitle==row3.album_title)) and so on...
Where do i put this condition , i put it in row3's expression builder.

Does my job diagram fulfill my purpose.
The problem is , this job starts with reading all the rows of table t2 ...... and then reads t1 .. performs a join and so on....
I want this to be like : firsgt read t1 , everytime you encounter a null column value , do a lookup from table t2 and carry with the aggregation........
Is some kind of iteration also involved here ?
Can you gimme some ideas as to how my job can be designed to achieve all of this.
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Re: OR operator across joins

have cut the tmap into two images . could not paste together due to size constraints
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Re: OR operator across joins

any help to a newbie in Talend ?
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Re: OR operator across joins

Hi aviator,
my suggestion would be:
Because TOS does not support a back propagation of any values from the tMap to the lookup row I would use two steps.
first part:
tDBInput(t1) -> tFilterRow(check for missing fields) -> allFieldsOk -> tFileOutput(tempFile1)

-> fieldsNotOk -> tFlowToIterate -> tDBInput(dynamic SQL to read one row with missing data from table2) -> tMap (1::1-mapping output metadata like your hhh-connection, value set by input row for missing values or read from the globalMap for the primary row) -> tFileOutput(tempFile2)
second part:
|--> tJoin -> your flow based on all completed values
With this you avoid the prefetch of the data of table2
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Re: OR operator across joins

Ok Thanks !
Is this what u mean , have attached a image , please check it....
This does not help ... the job starts reading my mysqlinput_3 (a table of 8 million rows ) first .......
But i want this to be read only if some null values are encountered from input_1 and a rejected values are sent through the filter....


Other option: (Just in case the above suggested does not work )
or can i write a routine , that takes as input the rows returned by t1 and checks for null fields, if any field is null-it just performs a lookup in the table t2 .........creates a temporary table and updates all the null fields after lookup from t2.... and then carries on the aggregation
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Re: OR operator across joins

any help ?
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Re: OR operator across joins

Hello aviator,
remove tMysqlInput_3. You don't need it in my example. Select your data from your "8-million-table" in tMysqlInput_2 with a dedicated sql. In the tMap you need only one input and one output.
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Re: OR operator across joins

Hi Volker,
Is this what u are saying(attached an image below.)
The problem is , my query for mysqlinput_2 would be something like this:
"select track_aol_id,track_title,track_number,album_aol_id,
album_title,artist_aol_id,artist_name from audio_main_song
track_title=row8.trackTitle OR track_aol_id=row8.trackAolId
artist_name=row8.artistName OR artist_aol_id=row8.artistAolId
album_title=row8.albumTitle OR album_aol_id=row8.albumAolId limit 1"
Can i refer row8 fields here ??? (The rejected values) because i need to have them in my where clause while doing a lookup in my "8 million table"
I get a error when i do this----->
Exception in component tMysqlInput_2
com.mysql.jdbc.exceptions.jdbc4.MySQLSyntaxErrorException: Unknown column 'row8.trackTitle' in 'where clause'
Also in my tmap : apart from the fields that i am getting from mysqlinput_2, i need row8's rejected fields also (not all of them are null)
Can i do that ??
Any inputs please ?
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Re: OR operator across joins

ok i got it .
Just using the globalMap.get() func to access the values!
Thanks a ton Volker Smiley Happy

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