ODBC connect lotus notes- is not working

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ODBC connect lotus notes- is not working

I saw your message about TOS and Lotus connection, I also have the same problem,could you tell me how to link it together?
I configured odbc source in my laptop,and odbc testing is ok,then i open TOS to connect odbc source through "Generic DB" DB type,and fill in username and password, also datasource name, is the name I set in the "ODBC data source administrator". but always told me "connection failure,I need to change database setting"
Connection failure. You must change the Database Settings.
Data source name not found and no default driver specified
Pls let me know how to connection,thanks
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Re: ODBC connect lotus notes- is not working

Anybody can tell me if I want to connect ODBC data source which identify for lotus notes?
for example, I create file dsn name is lotus, then use Talend Open Studio try to connect it,but it always told me not found it.
But I can use Microsoft Access to access data source. Pls give me some suggestions,thanks
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Re: ODBC connect lotus notes- is not working

Hi Rzhou,
I have the same needs , did you ultimately succeed to connect to lotus notes db ?
With best regards,

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