Numeric.sequence per Job

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Numeric.sequence per Job

my JobA calls JobB via a tRunJob.
Within JobB, I've got a tJava where I call Numeric.sequence.
Unfortunately Numeric.sequence starts only the first time I call JobB with 1. But I want it to start from 1 everytime I call JobB.
From JobA I call tRunJob (JobB) via a OnComponentOK (because it's a tJava which calls tRunJob) - is this ok?
Within JobB I use:
id = Numeric.sequence ("s1", 1, 1);

(but it's in a routine and get's called from the tJava)
Is it somehow possible to reset id after JobB finished?
I found this: but I have a subJob, do I have to do it like this, too?
Thank you in advanced.
Bye, Chris
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Re: Numeric.sequence per Job

You can use the process id in the sequence name :
id = Numeric.sequence(pid, 1, 1);

It's explained here :
Best regards,
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Re: Numeric.sequence per Job

Hi Karine,
thank you for your reply.
Got it working now Smiley Happy

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