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NullPointerException on ExcelOutput

I use TOS 4.0.0.M3_r37054.
At first I copy a File with a dynamic Filename. Then I take the data from my Oracle-DB an want to put it in an Excelfile.
If the Excel-File is empty, there is no problem. But if the excel file has some content, there comes that error:
Exception in component tFileOutputExcel_1
at jxl.write.biff.File.write(
at jxl.biff.ConditionalFormat.write(
at jxl.write.biff.SheetWriter.write(
at jxl.write.biff.WritableSheetImpl.write(
at jxl.write.biff.WritableWorkbookImpl.write(
Please help!
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Re: NullPointerException on ExcelOutput

You could try to check the option Append Existing File.
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Re: NullPointerException on ExcelOutput

Thanks for your replay.
I solved the problem.
But it is a very bad solution. In my excel-file were some conditional formattings.
TOS couldn't handle with them. Is there a way to write in an EXCEL-File with conditional formattings?