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Null Pointer Issue with tMysqlInput

I am currently running into an null pointer issue when attempting to use tMysqlInput without streaming enabled (I am basically doing a select * from a 6 million row table).
Exception in component tMysqlInput_3
at gen.adhoc_campaignmember_0_1.Adhoc_CampaignMember.tMysqlInput_3Process(
at gen.adhoc_campaignmember_0_1.Adhoc_CampaignMember.tMysqlConnection_3Process(
at gen.adhoc_campaignmember_0_1.Adhoc_CampaignMember.runJobInTOS(
at gen.adhoc_campaignmember_0_1.Adhoc_CampaignMember.main(
This issue doesn't occur when using streaming.
Can someone clarify what the exact cause for this error? I believe its probably due to the size of the extract, but I don't understand why its throwing a NullPointerException. Shouldn't it be a memory issue?
Also if I must enable streaming - is there a way I can have tMysqlInput -> tMysqlOutput with streaming enabled?
When I attempt it I get the following error:
java.sql.SQLException: Streaming result set com.mysql.jdbc.RowDataDynamic@311671b2 is still active. No statements may be issued when any streaming result sets are open and in use on a given connection. Ensure that you have called .close() on any active streaming result sets before attempting more queries.

Any help / advice is greatly appreciated.

Re: Null Pointer Issue with tMysqlInput

Could you please indicate the build version you're using?
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Re: Null Pointer Issue with tMysqlInput

Am getting the same error as above am using Talend 5.4.1. Till yesterday it was working fine, i just added tmysqloutput of same table.
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Re: Null Pointer Issue with tMysqlInput

Use OnSubJobOk b/w tMysqlconnect and tMysqlInput.