Not able to generate output files

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Not able to generate output files

Hi ,  


I am facing below issue  of my ta-lend job:   Some times my job was not able to generate output files after calling t Oracle Sp_1 ,which executed successfully in Database level .But ,the output files are not generating Which i declared the path in the t File Output Excel_1.Please help me on this.  





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Re: Not able to generate output files

You need to give a lot more information than this for us to help. When you have an issue like this, a good start is to take a screenshot of your job and describe what is happening in the job. Then describe the problem you are experiencing. I have a few ideas of what it could be, but I would need to see the above info in order to narrow down the possibilities.

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Re: Not able to generate output files



here after calling tOraclesp component am fetching data from table to excel file 

Actually, using batch file (.bat file) i run the job ,from this files are not generated in the output path.

sometimes the files are generating in output path excel and sometimes the files are not generating.i don't why it happens like this could u pls help me to resolve this issue

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Re: Not able to generate output files

OK, this is a complicated (to look at) job. Can you run this from the Studio and see if you can recreate this issue (of not getting files output)? Looking at your job you should always get at least a blank Excel file produced. However, your path to the Excel file is dynamic (so the file might actually end up somewhere else if you are not entirely sure of how this works). Can you check the surrounding folders? The other thing that will be easier to tell if you run it through the Studio is whether there are any errors? If no file is being produced, then you should get an error (from what I can tell from your job design).

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Re: Not able to generate output files

am getting files with data when i run this job in studio, its fine totally in both cases (run in through studio and .bat file )  with out any errors .But, only getting the issue  from .bat file execution run  for sometimes it's not giving the output file in the output path folder i have checked surrounded folders also but no use 


Finally, i didn't get any errors from my job while run in studio and .bat file  for sometimes am not able to get the file generation like today it giving the output files 

next day won't get 

after next day it giving the output files like this happens 

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Re: Not able to generate output files

This sounds like it might be caused by your data then. Add some logging into the job, compile it and run it as normal using the .bat file. If it is working sometimes but not others, you need to find out the differences between when it is and isn't working. It won't be a random thing, there will be some reason for this PROBABLY connected to the data being processed.


A few other things to consider....

1) Is the user used to run Talend Studio the same user running the .bat file? Think folder permissions, etc

2) Is the .bat file run on the same machine as the Studio? Again, folder permissions may be a potential issue.

3) Are you using the same version of Java in both environments?

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Re: Not able to generate output files

Hi Saibabu,


I strongly doubt on the parameters you are passing to create the file. 

Can you duplicate this job and define a hard coded a path(different from actual) and run it in the server parallel

When the actual program doesn't generate a file , check the output here, you may get a clue. 


On the other note

May I know why are you using an excel output and trying to give a csv extension? 

Is there any specific reason behind it?  You can use toutputfiledelimited component which is to get CSV file output


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