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Not able to find job-connector-2.1.7-SNAPSHOT-sources.jar

job-connector-2.1.7-SNAPSHOT-sources.jar is listed as modules not installed for the current Operation required by componen "Routine JOBCENTER" each time i try to build a Job and even to run it.  

When i push the link to obtain more Information about external modules i end in PageNotFound (

Nevertheless, I'm able to run a Job ,  but the "Job Building" its not possible and ends in error.

I reinstalled all TOS (TOS_DI-20151214_1327-V6.1.1) nevertheless i get the same error.

How could i fix it please?




Re: Not able to find job-connector-2.1.7-SNAPSHOT-sources.jar


What's the error message you are getting? Missing jar issue?

Could you please take a look at this document about:TalendHelpCenter:Install external modules to see if it is what you are looking for?

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