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Not able to Retrieve Schema from Teradata

I am not able to retrieve schema from Teradata tables. 


The connection is successful but when I select any of the table it says "Failed" on the status. When I clicked next , I get the error as 

Error encountered when retrieving schema.
[Teradata Database] [TeraJDBC] [Error 2646] [SQLState HY000] No more spool space in <MYUSERID>.


I am using talend real time big data platform 6.4.1 



Re: Not able to Retrieve Schema from Teradata



    It seems to be a spool error from Teradata DB for the specific user id.


    Could you please query any table from the Teradata DB though Teradata SQL Assistant Utility using same user id which you are trying to use in Talend? Most probably it will also throw error due to lack of spool space. In that case, please get assistance from Teradata DBAs to increase the spool space.


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Re: Not able to Retrieve Schema from Teradata

No, there is no issue with Teradata.


I am able to query the table and do all the operations from Teradata Studio. Also I am able to read the data from talend


The issue is with retrieve schema feature of Talend.