Non atomic batch failure message with TMap

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Non atomic batch failure message with TMap

I've got this message in one of my job, don't know what it means:
Non-atomic batch failure. The batch was submitted, but at least one exception occurred on an individual member of the batch. Use getNextException() to retrieve the exceptions for specific batched elements.
Can sbdy tell me what should I do to avoid it ?
Thanks for your help !
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Re: Non atomic batch failure message with TMap

This error usually occurs on tPosgreSqlxxx component. It is an type of error message thrown by the Posgresql driver. In Talend Studio, you can use debug mode to trace the Java code and find out the real cause of this error.
1. Open the Run view and click the Debug Run tab. Select and click the Java Debug button to launch the debug perspective. If a Proceed with launch dialog appears, click the Proceed button to continue.
2. Open the Breakpoints view. Click Add Java Exception Breakpoint button.
3. To add a breakpoint on this kind of exception
Type in "BatchUpdateException".
Find the "BatchUpdateException-java.sql" exception and select it.
Click OK.
4. Click the Resume button to restart Job execution.
5. Open the Variables view. Right-click anywhere. Select Find item.
6. Type "e" in the text field. Click OK. The e variable is predefined with the value "java.sql.BatchUpdateException" in the Talend Job.
7.Expand the next node. Find the detailMessage node.
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Re: Non atomic batch failure message with TMap

OK thanks for this complete answer !

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