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No primary key in AMC's tables

In my company, as we use the Talend Data Integration (professional edition) we use the AMC database to track job executions.
As explained in the documentation (and on the Talend's web site) we had created the stats, flows and logs table in a MySql database and it work fine.
Some slow execution event make me watch in this database and I note that there is no primary key on these table.
tStatCatch component schema do not give us any primary key ...
Do anybody known if any primary key would be created on these tables ? where to find any (official ?) documentation about this ?
Thomas DAGET
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Re: No primary key in AMC's tables

Hi Thomas
Yes, there is no primary key defined in these three tables. These tables are created base on the schema of the three log&stat component, tLogCatcher, tStatCatcher and tFlowMeterCatcher.
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Re: No primary key in AMC's tables

Actually these tables does not need a primary key because the AMC feature only appends to them. BUT it helps a lot to have some indexes for improving the performance of the AMC web application!