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NetSuite connector

Hi There,
We are using 'Talend Open Studio'(version - 7.1.1) for retrieving Netsuite data.

Though we are able to retrieve NetSuite data successfully from Talend, we are concerned about the following points.
1) We are using the Endpoint - "" and API version - "2018.2"
does Netsuite provide any other SOAP/REST API endpoint which can be used in Talend?


2) We are authenticating to an endpoint using basic authentication method(E-mail, password) which only allows 1 connection per Netsuite account. Is there any key/token-based authentication method available while accessing NetSuite data which can allow multiple concurrent connections.

Please guide us regarding the above queries. Any help would be highly appreciated.
Thank you.


Re: NetSuite connector


Talend provides 3 basic methods for working with NetSuite in Talend Studio. They include:

  1. Using NetSuite components( NetSuite SOAP service)
  2. Using NetSuite OpenAir SOAP API calls
  3. Using JDBC connection adapters

For your question #2, starting from NetSuite 2018, users with admin role are required to have 2FA, to avoid getting such errors you may create a user with less privileges.

Here exists a jira issue:

Best regards



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