NetSuite and TOS 4.02

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NetSuite and TOS 4.02

Anyone successfully used NetSuite and Talend 4.02?
I am trying to create a new WSDL and stuck with the paramters.
WSDL is set to the following
For method I am entering login or searchBasic
Not sure if I should enter any parameters, so leaving blank.
Preview gives the following error
Exception in component tWebServiceInput WSDL2Java emitter timed out (this often means the WSDL at the specified URL is inaccessible)!
at org.talend.DynamicInvoker.<init>(
at org.talend.DynamicInvoker.main(
at org.talend.DynamicInvoker.main(
at netsuite.shadowfileinputtodelimitedoutput_0_1.ShadowFileInputToDelimitedOutput.tWebServiceInputProcess(
at netsuite.shadowfileinputtodelimitedoutput_0_1.ShadowFileInputToDelimitedOutput.runJobInTOS(
at netsuite.shadowfileinputtodelimitedoutput_0_1.ShadowFileInputToDelimitedOutput.main(
Preview error. Some settings must be changed.
Note: Preview errors are generally due to a wrong encoding setting.
org.talend.designer.runprocess.shadow.ShadowFilePreview.preview(Unknown Source)
org.talend.repository.ui.utils.ShadowProcessHelper.getCsvArray(Unknown Source)
org.talend.repository.ui.wizards.metadata.connection.wsdl.WSDLSchemaStep1Form$PreviewProcessor.nonUIProcessInThread(Unknown Source)
org.talend.commons.ui.swt.thread.SWTUIThreadProcessor$ Source)
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Re: NetSuite and TOS 4.02

hi agentgill and welcome,
first have a look in netSuite platform guide. (pdf)
Seems that you need some authentification to use their services.
Authentication is the process of determining the identity of the requester by verifying that they
are who they claim to be based upon the credentials they present. The SuiteTalk Platform
requires a valid user name, password and account number for authentication. These are
provided via the login operation using the Passport type.

<complexType name="Passport">
<element name="email" type="xsd:string"/>
<element name="password" type="xsd:string"/>
<element name="account" type="xsd:string"/>
<element name="role" type="platformCore:RecordRef" minOccurs="0"/>

After the requester has been successfully authenticated, a new session is created for that user.
All Web services operations require authentication.

hope you'll find some information in this
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Re: NetSuite and TOS 4.02

Hi agentgill,
Yes we are using Talend 4.0.2 to make calls to NetSuite. We did not use tWebServiceInput component, but instead we used wsdl2java on the side to create the Java classes from the wsdl, and then we communicate with NetSuite using these classes.
If you want to use this way, there's the sample application that helps on these steps: ; Do not forget the patched axis.jar, because the original axis.jar won't work.

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