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Java line numbers are not helping. Is there a way to debug this issue? How can I find what caused this error?

Exception in component tMap_1_TMAP_IN
at dts_dm.person_dim_master_0_1.person_dim_master$TPERSONStruct.readString(
at dts_dm.person_dim_master_0_1.person_dim_master$TPERSONStruct.readValuesData(
at org.talend.designer.components.lookup.persistent.AbstractOrderedBeanLookup.loadDataValues(
at dts_dm.person_dim_master_0_1.person_dim_master.tOracleInput_1Process(
at dts_dm.person_dim_master_0_1.person_dim_master.tJava_2Process(
at dts_dm.person_dim_master_0_1.person_dim_master.tJava_1Process(
at dts_dm.person_dim_master_0_1.person_dim_master.tOracleConnection_2Process(
at dts_dm.person_dim_master_0_1.person_dim_master.tOracleConnection_1Process(
at dts_dm.person_dim_master_0_1.person_dim_master.runJobInTOS(
at dts_dm.person_dim_master_0_1.person_dim_master.runJob(
at dts_dm.person_domain__0_1.PERSON_DOMAIN_.tRunJob_1Process(
at dts_dm.person_domain__0_1.PERSON_DOMAIN_.tJava_1Process(
at dts_dm.person_domain__0_1.PERSON_DOMAIN_$
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Re: NegativeArraySizeException

i think i've seem similar error when using "store on disk for a lookup in certain cases (Object, big decimal as type)
hope it helps
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Re: NegativeArraySizeException

I have 6 lookups for this job and each lookup has 3 million rows. The lookups have BigDecimal but no Object datatype. Why is bigdecimal causing this error? Any ideas to reslove this issue? The only option I have used is reduced the buffer size in TMAP fro 2 million to 1million

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