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Need to use connection pooling in Talend

We have designed the job for file loading in database. We pass the folder path to talend and talend pick the file open the database connection, load the file into database and close the connection. This process repeats many times and every time it acquire the port to establish the connection, after some time I think it stops loading files because of unavailability of ports.
To resolve this problem we need to use database connection pooling in Talend. My understanding is that We can only use the connection pooling while we are running job in talend tool. I want to use that job in java program, so can you please help me on how to use connection pooling?
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Re: Need to use connection pooling in Talend

Check out the custom component component tConnectionPool.
This component emulates an JNDI datasource and you can use it with currently with Oracle, MySQL and MSSQL (all database connections which allows using datasources from a Talend runtime).