Need help with invoking API call request

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Need help with invoking API call request

Hi All,


I am totally new to Talend and Data domain and currently I am looking for something related to API call.


I have an API request [ POST Call ]which works fine with cURL and I need to know if the same can be invoke from Talend. Upon my search I found tRestClient, tSystem etc but not sure how to input the cURL . My cURL is something like below


curl -n -H "Content-Type: application/json" -H "Authorization: Bearer 5e9189348rtbadd063" -d "{ \"job_id\": \"4\"}" -X POST


Your help is appreciated.





Re: Need help with invoking API call request


Could you please refer the below documentation for Talend Cloud API Designer to see if it is what you are looking for?

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Re: Need help with invoking API call request

Hi Sathya,

I do not know if you managed to resolve your issue, but what you are trying to do can be accomplished using Talend API Tester.

In API Tester, you can create a new request as explained in the gif below. In this example I'm using to test my request:




As you can see you can also copy your request in curl to compare it with what you already have.


I hope this helps.





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Re: Need help with invoking API call request



Thanks for your response. Yes, I managed to resolve.


Thanks again for getting back to me.



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