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Need Help on refreshing sap BAPI

Hi All,


In one of my job i have retrieved one SAP BAPI named Z_ETL_SALES_ORDER which is having six tables yesterday.

The SAP team has added some more three tables to the same BAPI, after that i am trying to retrieved the same BAPI in talend but i am getting only the old list  of tables.

NOTE : If the SAP team duplicated the same BAPI with some other name then if i retrieved the new duplicated bapi it is having all the nine tables.

My question is why the same BAPI in talend is not getting refreshed  if anything is modified in BAPI

Could anyone please let me know that how i can refresh the already retrieved BAPI.


Early response will be helpful.


Thanks in Advance-

Gayathri S

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Re: Need Help on refreshing sap BAPI

Hi Team,


Any updates on the above topic..


If anyone knows the content please give me some suggestions, it will be helpful..




Gayathri S