Need Help On tsapbapi component

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Need Help On tsapbapi component

Hi All,


I am currently using SAP connection as my source and am tring to call a SAP BAPI using tsapbapi component.

The bapi consists of six outputs each are all different tables.

I am trying to give main link from tsapbapi component to the output component. My output component is tamazonauroraoutput database component.

If i am giving four output link from tsapbapi component then it is working fine, If i link the fifth link to the output component then it is throwing a compilation error.Please find Attached the compilation error.


NOTE: If i am connected the target component as delimited files the it is working fine and also it is working fine if i use one tsapbapi component to get four output links and the remaining two output links using another tsapbapi component , the issue comes when i take all the six output links from the same tsapbapi component to connect to database component . 

I am using Talend MDM platform 6.1.4

I also attached the snapshot for the job which works fine -- snapsot name "job_ran_successfully"

Attached the snapshot for the job has compilation error -- snapshot name "Job_with_Compilation error"


Early Response will be helpful.


Thanks in Advance-


Gayathri S


Re: Need Help On tsapbapi component


Please refer to this  article about:

Let us know if this solution works for you.

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Re: Need Help On tsapbapi component

Hi Sabrina,


Thank for the reply.

The error which i got is not the java heep space or out of memory error.

Also I checked the option like store data on temp disk and increased the JVM arguments, But it doesn't work. I am end up with the same error.

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Re: Need Help On tsapbapi component

The error you are seeing is the byte limit on java methods. ( There will be no simple fix as the size of the generated code is tied to how the components used are implemented. 


you may find some success if you remove any unused components (do you really need those tmaps?) from the flows. Your workaround -- only reading some of the outputs, and calling the BAPI twice -- is probably the best approach to resolve this. 

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Re: Need Help On tsapbapi component



I am doing the same way as you have suggested, i called the bapi's twice and now it is working fine.

Could you please suggest any permanent solution to get rid of this case??


(do you really need those tmaps?) : The answer for your query is yes , since i need to implement some transformation logic for populating data into individual target tables.



Gayathri S






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