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Naming Conventions and Best Practices

Hi all,
Within my project-team, several developers work with TOS (or TIS). I would like to ensure, we all use the same naming standards, e.g. for jobs, transformatiosn, etc. Furthermore, we would like to have some development standards (best practices), e.g. always use property-type "Repository" instead of "built-in", use context-variables, etc.
Does anyone has documents about above topics to share? Or can I download it somewhere? Didn't find anything within this forum as well as on Talend-Website.
Thanks and regards,
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Re: Naming Conventions and Best Practices

hi spunkypilot,
I recommend you our best Practices Formation.
It's for one day pointing all purposes you're talking about.
You also ask for a Talend consultant to expertise your existing applications and assess some behavior/practices/jobs you 're working with.
Hope it helps
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Re: Naming Conventions and Best Practices

I was looking for Best Practices and Naming conventions specific to Talend and came across your post (which has been submitted back in 2010). We are new to Talend and have been using TOS for the past 2 weeks.We will be eventually using TIS.
So would like to know if you have any such document (i.e., ETL best practices, coding standards or naming conventions) specific to TOS/ TIS - so that we can have a basic idea.
Thanks in advance