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NULL connection from tSalesforceConnection on tSalesforceOutputs

I am trying to drop a connection object on and use it, as it seems that it should work, but unless I'm using a repository connection (or built-in), on the tSalesForceOutput or tSalesForceInput, then it won't work. The problem is that it's VERY network intensive and firing off extra connections is actually causing read timeouts so I'm trying to lean it down...
Here is my exact error:
Starting job baAccounts at 08:49 04/12/2016.
connecting to socket on port 3611
Exception in component tSalesforceOutput_1
java.lang.RuntimeException: Get null connection from tSalesforceConnection_1
at majente.baAccounts_0_1.baAccounts.tMSSqlInput_1Process(
at majente.baAccounts_0_1.baAccounts.runJobInTOS(
at majente.baAccounts_0_1.baAccounts.main(
Job baAccounts ended at 08:50 04/12/2016.
I tried upgrading from 6.1 to 6.3 to see if that would work but it didn't, and actually made some other things worse.. But then I realized that that's Talend itself I upgraded, not the SalesForce objects within it.. I'm not sure how to tell what version I have of them, nor what version works, but it seems this version doesn't..
And now looking further at that error, it could be the MSSQL inputs, but I'm pretty sure it's the SF ones..
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Re: NULL connection from tSalesforceConnection on tSalesforceOutputs

Such problem is mostly a problem of the job design. Show us a screenshot of you job design please.
The connection will be created later than the output component tries to get it.
Try to establish the connection before you start the flow to write into salesforce.