Multithreaded SP calls

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Multithreaded SP calls

Is it possible to execute an SP against every row of a component's result output, particularly in parallel fashion?


Re: Multithreaded SP calls



    The most easiest way is to use a tFlowtoIterate to send the records in an iterative fashion to the SP. 


     The second way is to call the SP from a Talend routine and you can call the routine as a function call from tMap or tjava. But in this case, you are simultaneously doing lot of DB connections (or same connection but shared simlutanous resources).


But from throughput perspective, the best way to process data in especially in parallel fashion is to send the incoming data to a temp table. Then join the data in this table to all other necessary tables with SP and do the processing you want to do. In this method, you need to make one DB call instead of multiple calls and your DBAs also will be happy.


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