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Multiple oracle inputs to tMap component

I am using Talend 3.1.3 for data migration.
I have a requirement in which I need to provide multiple inputs to tMap componet and then create an XML out of the relevent feilds from the two input schemas. My cahin currently has following flow:
tOracle component to fetch id from a table
Iterate on each and get some data from table A in database.
Create XML from the data XML out of the selected data.
Now the issue I am facing is that just parellel to step 2 get data from another table B and give input from both table A and table B to tMap and create XML. I am trying to create create the chain but am not able to do so
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Re: Multiple oracle inputs to tMap component

You can use tFlowToIterate component, about tFlowToIterate see topic5827.
tOracleInput-->tFlowToIterate --iterate-->tOracleInput_1---tMapk--tAdvancedOutput>
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