Multiple inputs for tHMap/TDM data mapper?

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Multiple inputs for tHMap/TDM data mapper?

I am extracting a number of elements from a complex Excel spreadsheet in a job, which then map these columns to multiple tMap components.   


Many of the tMap input columns have a 1:1 relation with the tHMap XML output, with no looping required.  That works fine with a singular tHMap input. 


Since my columns are broken across mulitple tMaps (some of which ARE collections of data, and need a simple loop), is there a way to easily have these multiple inputs piped to the tHMap which are then mapped to the singular tHMap XML output?


It sounds straightforward on paper.  Can't find an example or a way to do so however.  Thanks!


(using Cloud Data Management 7.1.1)



Re: Multiple inputs for tHMap/TDM data mapper?


The feature, tHMap multi-input, is supported in V 7.1.1.

For more information, please refer to this online documentation about:TalendHelpCenter:Input/Output (Multiple Input/Output Documents)

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Re: Multiple inputs for tHMap/TDM data mapper?



We have attempted to use the multi-input capabilities of the Data Mapper and have had no luck constructing a usable workflow.


Are there good examples of this that does not utilize multiple input files?  We are sourcing our data from an Excel spreadsheet during the job, and extracting into multiple input streams (with varied, mostly unrelated data/schemas and various requirements for looping) before needing to map to the single XML output.  There may be 20+ input streams in a job, potentially as we do our extract. 


See the very simplified job design (FixedFlowInputs instead of our) as an example.




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