Multiple File Processing

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Multiple File Processing

Hi All,

I have a requirement where i need to process multiple files from a folder using some specific pattern , but we cant use tfilelist component as its not available in  big data platform. can anyone suggest a solution to how can i process.

I tried with context variable in tfileinputdelimeter component but its not processing.


for ex: the context which i used is "context.varname + "<partoffilename>*.dat"

Am using talend Big Data Platform 6.3.1. and we are designing jobs in big data batch. and the files are in Azure.


Please anyone can suggest some solution


Thanks in advance,


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Re: Multiple File Processing

Hi Lmit,

We can write a java routine where we can get the list of filenames.

you may try the below desgin




Jilani syed

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Re: Multiple File Processing

Hi Jilani syed,


thanks for your quick reply, but i cant implement your logic as tflowtoiterate is not there inmy version





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