Multi Thread execution

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Multi Thread execution



I have a parent job wherein there are two child jobs

P1 -> C1,C2

I am executing these P1 job using multi thread execution


Now i have three more child jobs in C1

C1 -> CC1,CC2,CC3

I want to run these child jobs in parallel


Can i also apply multi thread to C1 also and run the talend job ?


So final execution is two multi thread exécutions in one talend job, will it work or will it create some sort of problem.

Note : The process in the jobs is all separate, there is no dependency of the data between the jobs.


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Re: Multi Thread execution

Hi vidya,


Personally, when I want to parallelize some component or subjob, I use a "tExecutors" component. You can find it on talend exchange.

It's pretty good and easy to use. 

Good luck !