Multi Level Json

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Multi Level Json

I have a JSON object with following structure (sample). As far as I can see, there are three levels...

  • Parent
    • Child
      • Grand-Child

What will be the best way to consume this and maintain a parent-child-grand-child relationship in a table? I am not able to see good documentation on tExtractJSONFields/ tFileInputJson.


Any pointers appreciated.


    "categories": [{
        "id": "P1",
        "name": "P1",
        "path": "P1",
        "children": [{
            "id": "P1_C1",
            "name": "P1_C1",
            "path": "P1_C1",
            "children": [{
                "id": "P1_C1_xC1",
                "name": "P1_C1_xC1",
                "path": "P1_C1_xC1"
            }, {
                "id": "P1_C1_xC2",
                "name": "P1_C1_xC2",
                "path": "P1_C1_xC2"
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Re: Multi Level Json

Using 'Xpath' model and set the xpath loop expression to:
You should be able to read parent-child-grand-child data.

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