Moving files in Azure

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Moving files in Azure

I need to process CSV files stored in Azure in a SQL database.  I know I can't read the files directly out of Azure, so I'm downloading locally and then processing.  Once processed, however, I need to move the processed files form one Azure container to another.  This is where I'm having an issue.  How do I "move" data  (with sub folder, which I know in Azure is really just the file name) from one container to another?


 To be more specific:

Get Temp folder name -> tAzureStorageList of source container --iterate-> tAzureStorageGet  -> tFileList -> [process into SQL] -> tAzureStoragePut (file name produced by tFileList)


The throws an error: [ERROR]: org.talend.components.azurestorage.utils.AzureStorageUtils - No match file

tAzureStoragePut Local folder = temp path

tAzureStoragePut Filemask = ((String)globalMap.get("tFileList_CURRENT_FILE_PATH"))azu



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Re: Moving files in Azure

Hi beerygaz,


In the file mask instead of  ((String)globalMap.get("tFileList_CURRENT_FILE_PATH")) use ((String)globalMap.get("tFileList_1_CURRENT_FILE")).

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Re: Moving files in Azure

Hi Ravi, I get a similar issue:


CURRENT_FILEPATH: C:\Users\gavin\AppData\Local\Temp\BIData\Station A\2017_10_01.csv

CURRENT_FILE: 2017_10_01.csv


Both produce: 

[ERROR]: org.talend.components.azurestorage.utils.AzureStorageUtils - No match file "C:\Users\gavin\AppData\Local\Temp\BIData\Station A\2017_10_01.csv" exist!

[ERROR]: org.talend.components.azurestorage.utils.AzureStorageUtils - No match file "2017_10_01.csv" exist!


-- Edit -- 

If I remove the "C:\Users\gavin\AppData\Local\Temp\BIData\" with a .replace function, I am left with:

Station A\2017_10_01.csv - but the tAzureStoragePut still only puts the file in the root of the container, it does not create the folder "Station A" 

And tAzureStorageDelete will remove files in the root, but not files within a folder.


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