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Moving files from 5.3 to 5.2.2

Hi all, most people here are using 5.2.2 but I installed 5.3.0 on a fresh machine and now they can't open the jobs I created in 5.2.2. These jobs were identical to those I created in 5.2.2 however, I imported them into 5.3 and made some small text change and exported. Is there a way to export so those in 5.2.2 can use?
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Re: Moving files from 5.3 to 5.2.2

Hi Max
Talend products are backward compatible, the jobs export from an older version can be import into a new version and works, not vise versa. So, the solution is to ask your colleagues to upgrade product to v5.3.0 or you use the same version 5.2.2.
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Re: Moving files from 5.3 to 5.2.2

Still, be careful!!!
I mean backup everything if you are not using version control system ( you should of course) , I upgraded my projects few times already and it wasn't always easy way even it is already months I did it lasttime. Sometimes happend that for example some components can't be seen in the job editor even was "somehow" there, sometimes the context variable used to dynamically configure components has been lost, etc.
Of course when you are using your own or talendforge components, check if these components are in required format or use required template, it can also makes you cry :-) hehe, on the other hand you will learn the JET technology which is used for writing the components.