Moving ESB deployment from SSH to TAC

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Moving ESB deployment from SSH to TAC

Hi All,
I am fairly new to Talend, so please advise me if this forum post is in the wrong place.
Currently our developers are using the Studio to build code, which is then copied to ESB servers via SSH (SCP or SFTP) and incoming requests get processed as expected.
We are trying to use TAC to move away from this and use a better designed approach.
TAC can see the ESB servers, but identifies them as "Job Servers" - is this ok?
If I import in Studio with a remote connection to the TAC, I dont see the jobs appearing like I do with a local repo - presumably I need these to be visible in TAC before I can deploy to ESB?
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Re: Moving ESB deployment from SSH to TAC

the deployment from the Studio to the container directly is - as you mentioned - something which is ok for development but should not be used for stageing or production environment (even testing environment) 
A straight forward way to use TAC to support a more central build and deployment of artifacts to the remote container is:
a) Create a new Server in TAC (and set teh 'Talend Runtime' checkbox to true (by this it appears as 'Talend Runtime' and not as 'Job-Server (only) in the TAC Server list
b) Once the model is in the shared project (which Stuido does when you use a Project managed by TAC, which is required for this feature, it does not work wiht a local workspace)  you can use the ESB Publisher screen in TAC and the TAC Commandline to build the binary artifact which is automatically also published into the Artifact repository (Nexus). The only think you need to do is to setup a Publishing task in the ESB Publisher for hte new Data Service /Route you like to build and then the commandline will be used to build the binary artifacts and the commandline will automatically publish the binary to a maven repository (Nexus) (Talend Artifact Repository) 
c) Setup a deployment task in the ESB Conductor screen in TAC for the Server you like to deploy this Features to (e.g. a Data Service or a Route) 
That's it.
Hope it helps you to navigate to these initial steps,
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Re: Moving ESB deployment from SSH to TAC

Hi Dietmar,
Thanks for the swift reply, this is really helpful.
a) I have checked the box for the Talend Runtime on the ESB server TAC is talking to, and now it appears as a "Talend Runtime"
b) I feel rather stuck here. I can get Studio to talk to TAC, but when I try to import the projects from the file system, I dont see the job designs appear in Studio like I do when I import with a local workspace. I'm not sure if there is something I'm doing wrong or if something with the import is breaking - I dont see any error messages or anything else...
I seem to have gotten importing to work better now, and can see the jobs in Studio, but I still can't find anything in TAC
Any suggestions for what to check on this?


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