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Move the Records from One Schema to Another in record by record

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Iam Migrating the data from Schema-A to Schema-B. Here the requirement is we need to Pass the In-Active Records from Schema-A to Schema-B. For this I developed a ETL-Jobs Table By Table, thinking of Transferring the data Table By Table. But they required this to be done in record by record format,

Eg : It has all the Order Information Tables (nearly -80). Here I need to check the Order_Number Availability in the Table_1,Table_2.....Table_80. If the Order_Number is Available then I need to Pass that record from the table_1 then Need to check Table_2 for the Availability if available then Move it....etc. Need to check Last Table_80 for One-Individual Record.  Kindly let me know how can I proceed with this Logic. 


Is it be fair to go with this Looping Concept for Moving the data Record by Record.. 

I am using Talend Open Studio 5.5.1 Version & Mysql as database.


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Re: Move the Records from One Schema to Another in record by record


Could you please elaborate your case with an example with input and expected output values?

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Re: Move the Records from One Schema to Another in record by record

Let me elaborate the requirement. I need to move some of the in-active records from 80-tables to another schema.

Eg : I have these following tables which stores the Order Information 

order_info, order_type, order_desc_module, order_org_struc ...etc. Here the master table is order_info which has all the order related information stored into it, and its detailed information is stored in all the remaining tables. So what we need to do is just have to de-activate all the order related information from all these tables and move them in another schema as backup. Say If I have Order_Id : 500456 Identified in the table order_info as the record to be disabled, then I need to de-activate all its corresponding information which was stored in all the order related tables to be de-activated as well. Which we need to do record by record in all the tables, once the 500456 record details de-activated in all the tables I will pick up another record from order_info table to de-activate it.


I think I have provided the explanation on my requirement. Please let me know whether its clear 


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