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Monitoring Talend tasks with Nagios

We want to use Nagios to monitore our Talend tasks on Job Conductor.
I saw this announce from version 3.1:
Talend version 3.1 offers the following features and benefits:
Enterprise Monitoring with Nagios-Version 3.1 now fully integrates with Nagios, the industry standard platform for enterprise-class system, network and application monitoring. This new feature improves monitoring and management of data integration projects and processes, providing a centralized monitoring, reporting and alerting console for IT operations and project managers. As a result, development teams can spend less time manually and individually tracking errors, system failures and throughput performance. Also, since the monitoring of data integration can easily be integrated with the overall IT operations function, it provides a more timely and responsive escalation process when a failure occurs, reducing costly downtimes and ensuring the freshness of data.
Does Talend Administrator Dashboard communicate with Nagios to tell it there is an error on a Talend Job? If so, how?
Thanks in advance.
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Re: Monitoring Talend tasks with Nagios