Monitoring Jobs/Routes with PRTG

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Monitoring Jobs/Routes with PRTG

We use a monitoring solution called PRTG to monitor our servers. I would like to get this to monitor that specific routes and jobs are running, that messages are not staying in flight for too long (where I will have to decide what is too long) etc, so that we know that not only is the server up and running but that the routes are actually doing their jobs.
Has anyone done any monitoring of this type, either with PRTG or some other solution and can give some advice/suggestions?
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Re: Monitoring Jobs/Routes with PRTG

Hi, you can take a look at tJobInstance set of component :
It's quite easy to use for jobs, but requires two important things : your job must end (no Keep Listening) and you must have a Database where you can write thing (this one is easy).
Don't forget to adapt and test the creation script for the Database, which at least is not good on Oracle 11g.


Re: Monitoring Jobs/Routes with PRTG

In case you like to monitor the ESB DataServices (SOAP/Rest, Messsage Broker, Runtime or the ESB Routes you would best use the JMX Interface as it provides all kind of monitoring metric. 
See: (same for older versions down to 5.6. ... and even older once) 
Alternative (just in case you have a problem to use JMX we also support Jolokia on the Talend Runtime: http://localhost:8040/jolokia ( ) and by this you can also use plain http get to get some JMX based metric to your monitoring.

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