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Mongo connection setting credentials for tMongoDBConnection2_8

The way our mongo is setup there is admin credentials and each of the dbs have their own credentials too.
So I do enter the server name, port, db name, user name, and password...
I have entered the admin user name and password, did not work got
connecting to socket on port 3343
Exception in component tMongoDBConnection2_8
com.mongodb.CommandResult$CommandFailure: command failed : { "serverUsed" : "" , "ok" : 0.0 , "errmsg" : "unauthorized"}
at com.mongodb.CommandResult.getException(
at com.mongodb.CommandResult.throwOnError(
at com.mongodb.Mongo.getDatabaseNames(
I used the db's credentials and got exactly the same error.
What am I doing wrong? I tried googling the issue - no luck Smiley Happy

Re: Mongo connection setting credentials for tMongoDBConnection2_8

Could you contact to your Mongo DB successfully without talend? What's your Mongo DB version?
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