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Mismatch in Talend "toracleInput" component result and actual Oracle server query result for same Join Query

Hi All, I'm new to both the forum and Talend and looking for some help here....


I have a simple job that reads data in from an oracle table, This is then out to "thdfsoutput" component.
Simple right! Problem is that I have "240690" rows in the table that I'm reading from, and it's loading in "4228" when run in Talend.
If i run the exact same SQL that is in tOracleInput in "Toad for Oracle" client , I get the "240690" I expect.

My Databsae schema, server , port are in sync on both sides

Confused - hope you can help!






I was querying for the Join sub query to count no. of rows using wrong pattern .

The correct way was "with a as ([big join subquery]) select count(*) from a".

Got resolved.