Migration from one database to another

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Migration from one database to another


I'm trying to develop a job that allows me to migrate all tables from one database (oracle or mysql) to another database (postgresql).

I had already realized this processing to switch the tables from a database to files, but I lost my processing and can no longer develop it again. I had used the dynamic schema function.

This time I try with a tOracleTableList then tIterateToFlow then tOracleInput then tPostgresql but I'm currently getting this error : "Error in the component's properties:The type of the expression must be an array type but it resolved to String
Syntax error on token "tOracleTableList_1_CURRENT_TABLE", [ expected
Type mismatch: cannot convert from String to int
Syntax error, insert "]" to complete Expression".

I can not manage the dynamic schema. I may have set up a component incorrectly.


Someone would have already developed this treatment ?

I did not find the answer in another conversation.



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Re: Migration from one database to another

just a personal vision

the task could be interesting as educational or research, but Talend definitely - NOT a universal database migration tool


Yes, it great for ETL, it could be used for transfer a few tables

but a lot of tools dedicated for migration from specific database to other specific database


it could be packages like MS SQL Server migration assistance 

or 3rd parties like - http://www.sqlmaestro.com/products/postgresql/converter/


or http://ora2pg.darold.net/news.html



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Re: Migration from one database to another

thank you for your reply.

But I'm looking for a free tool to migrate a mysql database into postgresql and since we own Talend, I want to use it for my need because Talend knows how to handle this kind of problem.

Unless there is a free tool for my need ?

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Re: Migration from one database to another

I special include for You 2nd link - it open source, from GitHub ;-)


Talend - NOT a tool for automatic migration


it good when You need map and transform, but it mean work with each source and target object individually

about free/not free - when I have a problem, I look for cost of solution ... and if it less than cost of my time - I just buy it (even for single time project). Time is also money

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Re: Migration from one database to another

Thank you I will look at the links.

My wish was to succeed in setting Talend's dynamic schema, if someone has leads.

Thank you


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