Migration from PL/SQL to Talend

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Migration from PL/SQL to Talend

We are trying to migrate PL/SQL scripts to Talend ETL process.
So just want to Know if the following functions are available in Talend so that we can go forward.
--LAG Function in Oracle
--Some date handling functions like TRUNC date to hourly level
--Partition by
Please let me know the user-defined logic if the build-in functions are not available.

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Re: Migration from PL/SQL to Talend

You can do all of this in Talend.
Talend provides routines for things such as TalendDate.getCurrentDate; but remember that this is just Java. You can also write your own routines.
Talend also has TalendString & StringHandling routines. As strings in Talend are just Java String, you can use all of the String methods e.g. for sub-stringing.
There are components that will help with some of your other requirements.
If you're still reading/writing Oracle, then you will want to consider what you may still want to push down to the database. In some cases you may want to push some joins down; but never business logic.
I'd get familiar with Talend first, before 'translating' PL/SQL as it does require a different mindset.