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Migrating SQL Schema to MongoDB

Hello everybody,
I am currently designing a software using mongoDB.
In this software I need to use external data from an external data provider which give me csv files representing a SQL Database where each file represent a table.
I would like to transform all those file in a single collection using embedded arrays and object since it won't reach the 16 mb limit for a document.
In fact I already design my schematic in mongo. My question how to use talend to transform relational oneToMany in embedded objects and manyToMany in arrays of doc (still embedded) in my collection.
How would you use tMap (or other component) for mapping input joins columns into embedded documents ?
Thanks for your answers.
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Re: Migrating SQL Schema to MongoDB

I do not see a way only by doing it with components. I would tHashOutput to collect all data into an ArrayList and would use self made Java code in a tJavaFlex to build a complex JSON document.
The MongoDB API is very useful.
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Re: Migrating SQL Schema to MongoDB

Thanks for your answer, we will try that way.