Microsoft TFS2018 data via APIs

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Microsoft TFS2018 data via APIs

Morning Talend Community!  I'm working on a new project wherein I'm trying to use Talend Big Data Platform v7.1 to call several Microsoft Team Foundation Server2018 APIs.  Ultimately, the JSON responses will be stored in Redshift tables for analytics down the road.  I've been successfully calling (GET) several of the APIs but can't figure out how to pull ALL of the 'work items' on a 'board' in TFS at once.  I can use the 'workitems' API, but you have to know which ID(s) you want to pull information about.


Has anyone designed a job yet that can pull all work items at once?  Or perhaps a job that can get a list of work item IDs that exist and then a sub-job that can loop through each of them one by one?


Any insight is greatly appreciated!


UPDATE:  I was able to use the Query API delivered with TFS and I think I'm on to something!  I navigated to a board in TFS and created a query under "My Queries".  I included no filters whatsoever...the result was every workitem on the board.  I then used the following Query API syntax successfully.  My thought is that if I modify the TFS query to return only the WorkItem ID column, I can then use that to loop through the "workitem revisions" API since it requires one ID at a time.  This would then return all of the information for each workitem ID.  More soon....



I was able to get the queryid value from the URL in TFS





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